Coffee tables are often the setters of conversational topics in many homes. Their decor, often a symbol of the owner's characteristics, ideals, and personality traits - are decorative items that dictate, or at the very least provide a conversational starter for house guests.

Whatever your impression of flowers, they are one of nature's most beautiful gifts. When it comes to decorating, flowers have a reputation for being the obvious choice. Beautifying your home with beautiful blooms is a wonderful form of therapy, and I came to learn just how delightful the experience is early last month.
“I must have flowers, always, and always.” 

― Claude Monet

Growing up, I was always told never to play with my food. Amazingly, earlier this week I was chatting with my girlfriend over how my husband dislikes me not polishing my plate clean when we're eating out. Which is kind of a damper given my miniscule sized appetite and hopes of shrinking my waist. My folks have taught me well to be grateful for my grub when there's a prevalent existence of famine and poverty in our world, but they also taught me to stop stuffing myself when my belly sends signs of upheaval in process. Now this designer - Gretchen Röehrs, has taken messing with food to a whole new level. I'm not quite sure if she munches her art after she's done styling with them, but they surely do make sure delicious eye candy.

If you have a thing for Anthropologie, you might want to check out their summer tag sale this week. Enjoy an extra 20% off sale items when you use the code 'SALEAWAY'. I'm trying to practice self-control, but I kinda want all of these from my wishlist!

As a graphic designer, the most common questions [ FAQs, if you will ] I receive is centred around my print solutions. The how, what and where do I source my tools and equipments to chug out quality and mind-blowingly beautiful printed paper goods. As with many business owners - especially small/home business owners, I spend hours on research and test-drives on products that will benefit my growth.

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