Growing up, I was always told never to play with my food. Amazingly, earlier this week I was chatting with my girlfriend over how my husband dislikes me not polishing my plate clean when we're eating out. Which is kind of a damper given my miniscule sized appetite and hopes of shrinking my waist. My folks have taught me well to be grateful for my grub when there's a prevalent existence of famine and poverty in our world, but they also taught me to stop stuffing myself when my belly sends signs of upheaval in process. Now this designer - Gretchen Röehrs, has taken messing with food to a whole new level. I'm not quite sure if she munches her art after she's done styling with them, but they surely do make sure delicious eye candy.

Hop on over to her Instagram if you're hungry for more.

If you have a thing for Anthropologie, you might want to check out their summer tag sale this week. Enjoy an extra 20% off sale items when you use the code 'SALEAWAY'. I'm trying to practice self-control, but I kinda want all of these from my wishlist!

As a graphic designer, the most common questions [ FAQs, if you will ] I receive is centred around my print solutions. The how, what and where do I source my tools and equipments to chug out quality and mind-blowingly beautiful printed paper goods. As with many business owners - especially small/home business owners, I spend hours on research and test-drives on products that will benefit my growth.

The core principle behind a perfectly printed design is highly dependent on the digital graphic. Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign are the three main options when it comes to creating graphic designs for print. There are pros and cons to each application, but Photoshop serves perfectly for a budding designer who's just beginning to explore.

To ensure crisp and clarity, ensure your DPI is set to a minimum of 300. Be careful with adjusting your DPI as it might reduce your final printed image's dimensions. Always check to ensure the width, height and resolution is accurate before you press print.

There's a myriad of paper finishes out there - high gloss, gloss, semi-gloss, matte and such. Pick a finish that compliments your product and preference, and ensure it's approved to work with your printer. This is very important as shoving an incompatible paper may clog up and even spoil your printer. 

I love working with matte paper and the MP-101 from Canon is my all time favourite pack. The bright white paper produces remarkably vibrant colours that are great for printing photos, too. Canon's Glossy Photo Paper is a great solution for photo invitations. 

Sidenote: If you tend to shy away from Canon, Ilford papers are of excellent quality and are compatible with many printer brands.

Canon and Epson both provide remarkably solutions for home printers. Exceeding quality at amazingly affordable prices, their printers are small enough to be shelved in your home office. 

I've been using a MG6270 by Canon for many years now, and their current Canon Pixma MG7520 seems to have replaced my model which similar [and amazing] features. When it comes selecting a home printer for a graphic design business, there are some important requirements which your equipment has to meet. Borderless printing, archive quality, duplex printing, high-resolution capabilities are a must. I'd highly recommend getting a printer with a six-tank ink system as well, which includes grey ink for amazing balance in your black and white prints. Their pigment based black ink tank produces crisp text on paper. 

Some other desirable features include fast printing, auto power on/off, quiet mode, and built-in WIFI. Needless to say, the wireless feature has been a dream come true allowing me to work anywhere in my home from my laptop with the printer dutifully doing it's job.

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Converse is the epitome of being a teenager from the 90s. We nailed the art of looking sloppy + awesome all thanks to the grunge era. Everything went perfectly with Converse - babydoll dresses, torn jeans, baggy tees, ripped clothes, greasy hair,  plaids, overalls, etc.

Just like time and tide though, fashion trends wait for no man, or woman, leaving the 90s teen a little frazzled over high-rise bottoms and colourful eyelids. There's no stopping Converse [or the 90s teen, for that matter] though. Wearing your pair of kicks with a touch of style and elegance is easy as pie, and here's 7 of my favourite mixes.

How To Wear Converse: Jessica Alba

Boyfriend Blazer + Converses

passing words


Converse :)

Converse Sneakers

Theory Cropped Tank Top x Converse.

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